Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Gross Headline Pun of the Day (8.01.06)

Oh, man. Posted today on Slate:

Mel, Atonin'

The hed to an NPR broadcast, featuring Slate contributors, on Mel Gibson's late apologies.

On a scale of one to ten: zero. First, because there is no rational semantic link between skin pigment and Mel G.'s regret for his malignant bacchanalia. Second, because you've got to a. work through a comma and b. grasp the upshot of the apostrophe in order to c. get (I refuse to say appreciate) the pun.

Pretty gross. And far too much work for little (to no) payoff.

I suppose I should post my evolving rationale for my point system, but am I pressed for time at the moment. A look at the last entry should clue you in until then.

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