Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Oxford Times

Ordinarily when I come to England we stay with my mother-in-law, in Iffley Village, Oxford (right above the Iffley locks, it's a short run down the Isis tow path to the Abingdon Road, at the Head of the River, then up to town). Beautiful.

This time, however, we're staying with brother-in-law somewhere in Cowley (having spent the day yesterday disoriented from jet lag -- minding the children seems to intensify it -- I'm not entirely sure of my coordinates yet). Said bro-in-law and wife are scads of fun, and have wifi (I think mum-in-law still has only BBC1 and 2 on the old "wireless": bless). So here I am, gumming up the interwebs up the road from where Roger Bannister broke the four-minute mile. I'll be showing Stroke that ring a little later (it's yer basic track; you gotta mentally cue the Chariots of Fire to get any gestalt from the experience).

But I realized that some early mod online greats are in the vicinity. Flavia? Muse? Anyone fancy a pint?


Amanda Bonner said...

Dude, you are *so taking me to Iffley Road. I've got my iPod cued up and I'm ready to go. Maybe we can run a mile in ... uhm ... 8 minutes?



muse said...

I'm really getting sorry I've left the UK so quickly, now! You, Flavia, hd, Adam Smyth, all these great early modernists and cool people in the UK and not while I'm there. Oh well, next summer . . . I hope you get some nice weather in the Thames Valley- my friends are telling me the showers haven't stopped. My favorite pub in Ox is the Royal Oak on Woodstock Road. Lovely atmosphere and each room is from a different century, going back to the 17th.

The Constructivist said...

Staying long enough to blog the Women's British Open? If not, you may want to take your blog to the manicured fairways and picturesque rough of Pine Needles for the U.S. Women's Open this week!