Wednesday, May 02, 2007

What is the main idea of this paragraph?

And how does it relate to your thesis?

Sentence fragment. Nice choice of quote, but explicate it further: your reader won't understand it the way you do. This is a claim that requires analysis and evidence. Comma splice. Put your end-quote after the period. Nicely put. Put the page number in parentheses before the period. It's = it is. Very original idea. How does this paragraph relate to the last one? Don't add ideas: relate them. Unclear. Pair vivid subjects with active verbs. Omit needless words. Shrewd and astute.


Yes, we're all doing it.

Back soon.


Amanda Bonner said...

If I had enough guts/less sense, I'd write:

"Remember -- Every time you misuse an apostrophe, God kills a puppy."


Anonymous said...

Love it, Gwynne! Teaching is truly the art of redundancy.