Saturday, December 16, 2006

Making Light of One's Own Abundant Ineptitude

We all find ourselves in situations we can't ever seem to get right -- and the harder we try, the worse it gets. Nettled by that feeling earlier today, I remembered Chris Farley's "interview" of Paul McCartney -- in some ways, the best I've seen of either of them (Macca does well to remain silent and subdued. . .). Let the hair-pulling commence:

Video credit: Buzz Humor


Anonymous said...

hmmm ... yes. i have a memorable (un)interview of my own with the canadian novelist wayne johnston ... hair-pulling (and sticking self under rock somewhere to hide indefinately -ing) indeed.


Anonymous said...

okay, yeah. in your blog of all places, i mis-spell "indefinite" -- what does my non-standard spelling of standardized contemporary canadian english tell you about the subjectivity of a third-wave feminist in the academy?