Monday, October 02, 2006

Ursus major?

"Chicago Bears" and "Super Bowl" -- is it true? These words are being uttered in the same sentence, somewhere other than some South Side bar?

Naaaaah. Must be something wrong with my Canadian TV.


Anonymous said...

canadian tv ... canadian football ;o7

just a departmental heads up: depending on who you're talking to, you'll be cheering either for edmonton or bc -- whatever you do, don't cheer for toronto.

Euonymous said...

I am duly advised. . . merci boucoup. . .

But Da Bearrs?

Okee, so ya got Ditka aginst the whole heavenly host of angels. . . ya know, the seraphim, the cherubim, the whole lot. . . and Ditka? he's just a midget Ditka. No mor dan tree feet tall. Who wins?


Da bearrs.


Euonymous said...


I'm gonna try real hard -- and no disrespec' to my fellow citizens in the 'last frontier' -- but somehow I find it's tough to root for a team called the "eskimos." Sad to say, they've got this association with nose kissing I find hard to square with hard D.

But we've somehow managed to assimilate the "panthers" and the "jaguars," so . . . I am open to conversion.

But da bears? undefeated?

I'm still reeling.

Anonymous said...

It's not the world cup but it's looking like fun! I've been here in Chicago for 17 years & have yet to see the Bears do much of anything. Being from Leicester I am really used to my local football/soccer team achieving about the same. The Jordan years with the Bulls were fab.
Go Bears!