Thursday, August 03, 2006

My spelling bee comfort counselor is not allowed to leave my side

Responding to my 8/2 post, a kind reader anonymously informs me:

A Canadian dollar is spelled "loonie." A "looney," generally, is someone locked up for his or her own protection.

Take me away, and lock me up, for it would appear that I have orthographically gone off the rails.

I will allow the misspelling to remain below, as evidence of my abundant need to be committed. Good thing I found this out before I moved to Canada on Saturday (though I've got precious few loonies at this point to spend).

P.S. to my kind anonymous reader: I note that you're visiting here from Queen's, where I will be taking up my appointment in the English department. Don't be a stranger! There's an e-mail link in my profile.

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