Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Just heavenly, Celeste!

Now a five-day winner on Jeopardy (click here for my report after her three-day win). I really thought this might be the one to take Celeste down -- "Matt," a literacy tutor from Richland, WA, was pretty sharp. But CelDi pulled it out on final Jeopardy, on a world capitals clue that was also something of a word game: to what African capital could you add two letters to make up the name of its nation?


6:48 CDT. Many are arriving here looking for Celeste, and I am happy to play the go-between. I have asked Celeste if she has anything to say to her fans.

7:39 CDT. Commenting on the program televised today, Celeste writes: "Well, all I can say is that I thought that Matt had me for sure. He was a demon on the buzzer, and hard as I tried, I could not squeeze a 'ring in' out of my signaling device for most of the game."

Well, if you were having clicker problems, C, it didn't show -- sometimes I think contestants make a big show out of the clicker when they just plum don't know the answers. I know from my aunt that the timing is tricky: you've got to wait to buzz in until after a series of lights surrounds the play board (though maybe they've updated the system since then. . .). Some people have that eye-mind-hand coordination down, and some people don't.

Hmm. Let's get Tim Rosendale in on this.

Meanwhile, are there any specific questions I can relay to Ms. D?

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