Thursday, July 06, 2006

Calling Malcolm Gladwell?

Just kidding. I used to like his New Yorker articles, but think his books are kinda silly, and his persona even more so.

The reason I ask, though, is that la Jardiniere has indeed passed a tipping point, now welcoming between three and four hundred unique visitors a day -- that, despite the fact that I have been consumed with preparing for my dissertation defense and have been posting very sparingly. (And England is out of the World Cup: I did manage to call the France-Italy final, though, no? Looking forward to it.)

I am under no delusion that visitors are pouring in to read about my preparations to move to Kingston, Ontario (though, funny enough, MalGlad was born in England and raised in Ontario). No, my guests are coming for Jose. Plus 10. And then some. And some more.

Having benefited from the wisdom of several visitors who have contributed their thoughts on what is said in the ad, I do plan to post a final edition of the translation (before the final, but after I defend).

Here's my question, though: why has la Jardiniere suddenly been graced by so many visitors from Asia? At this very moment, visitors from Taiwan amount to nearly 60% of the blog's readers, followed by Singapore and Hong Kong. I have noted how very few countries remain unaccounted for here, and how delighted I am to participate in the World Cup through the passing and volleying related to that post. But I am unavoidably curious as to how and why my blog has suddenly found such a readership out east (so to speak).

My theory is that the Adidas ads have just started to be shown there, and thus just sparked an interest in their translation.

But please, kindly visitors from Asia: enlighten me! Do me the honor of telling me how you have come to la Jardiniere . . . I am interested in how these blogs go viral . . . More than anything, however, I am grateful for your attendance.

Who needs a PhD in English, when American Idol and the World Cup supply such rich material?

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