Saturday, July 01, 2006

11:21 a.m. CDT: 61' in England v. Portugal

I know it ain't over til it's over. . .But it's over. Rooney was just red carded. I've come outside, can't even watch.

Something like this happens every tournament.

In fact (trying to cool down here), maybe this is why the World Cup takes place every four years. It takes that long to get over the regrets of the last one.

103': After two extra-time periods, it's going to penalty kicks, which favors Portugal, no doubt. I have yet to see England win a match on penalties; Beckham is off, injured; and the remaining English players are dog tired.

I have been whiling away the rest of the match by playing Monopoly with my daughter. Ever the innovative competitor, Blythe came up with a rule that the bank pays you when you buy a house. Considering our current real estate woes, I found the new rule pretty gratifying (even though I still lost). On to the penalties.

It's over.

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